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Understanding The Balkans

General Idea of the Conference

The project titled as UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS is conceived as a challenge to examining the alteration stratum of the Balkans, concentrating strongly on questions of society, culture, art, and history. Reflections and analysis dedicated to these complex issues were examined during the Conference that took place in Ohrid, October 2000.

The project UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS has in the past year grown from a list of participants of a Conference to a Network of intellectuals from the region, that has focused on examining the intersection of the acquired codes in the social, historical, cultural context we have used on the Balkans in our immediate past, as well as in considering the changes through which our societies, and culture, have undergone over the past decades. In preparing the publication of contributions and texts offered during the last year's Conference, we have grown to believe that there is a real Balkanic profile of practical thinking. It transpired that the Conference did not take course towards an all-embracing theorizing discourse; moreover, it was oriented towards the processes of modelling a concrete answer to those ever more diverging streams of Balkanic memories and expectations.

As a certain follow up the organizing team for the project Understanding the Balkans has selected this year the theme of THE BALKANS AND GLOBALISATION.
The questions to be discussed on the forthcoming Conference, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, are the effects and the effectiveness of globalisation in respect to the Balkans.

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