Contemporary Art Center

Tik Tak Tok

An international inter-disciplinary collaboration between Artists, Designers, Writers, Philosophers and Students from Dundee (Scotland) and Skopje (Republic of Macedonia)

First Exhibition: December 13 - 20, 2000 Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia
Second Exhibition: February 15 - 10 march. 2002, The University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland

Organized by: 
The Contemporary Art Center - Skopje and 
The University of Dundee's Visual Research Centre


TIK TAK TOK consists of two exhibitions of artists’ clocks and time machines, taking place in Skopje and Dundee.
TIK TAK TOK represents an attempt for the artists to create an artwork around ideas associated with counting time. 
Simultaneously a group of theoreticians will work on texts associated with the theme, which will be published in a comprehensive catalogue accompanying the second exhibition in Dundee.

The works of art may tell the time of day or they may present their 'own' time. The idea of a clock entails others, and other people - a gathering, a meeting of strangers, or the desire for such: a thing (object) by which one arranges and records arrivals and departures, by which one measures presence and absence. Wherever anything lives, anything at all, there is open somewhere a register in which time, its time is being inscribed.

Participants in the project:

Lei Cox, Iskra Dimitrova, Paul Dignan, Dejan Spasovik, Kevin Henderson, Oliver Musovik, Aleksandar Zdravkovski, Stefan Saskov, Nikola Velkov, Steve Flack.

Theoretical and contextual writing for the publication:
Kevin Henderson, Babs McCool, Branislav Sarkanjac, John Burnside, Bojan Ivanov, Jane Lee, Melentie Pandilovski, David Hopkins, Ivica Dzeparovski