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July 14th - September 10th, 2004

Sofija Grabuloska
Earth - Air

spatial installation, 2004


In her very first solo exhibition, Sofija Grabuloska articulates the problem of artistic modeling of a given space by means of elements that, in this case, yield an all-inclusive piece. Every single one of those seemingly unified elements are capable of further existence and performance as an individual sculpture. Placing half of the figures on firm ground and leaving the other half, as a counterpart to the first one, floating in the air, and letting their own weight set them in motion-a moment of interaction is created with the spectator, who is permitted to move along the marked paths within the exhibit.

The sculpture as defined, has a propensity to compactness, and its shape determines the volume it occupies in space, Sofia’s exhibit incorporates the definition of space as an air mold on whish the hold piece is pressed. Even though it does not posses the compactness of, for example, a stone chunk, her sculptural installation uses air as an invisible mortar link between the separated units that, when connected this way, give the impression of a molecular structure…, the micro state of the molecule magnified  million times and applied in space.


September 24th - 30th, 2004

Darko Bazerko

light installation, 2004


After the finishing of the High School of Art – Lazar Lichenovski in 2002, Darko Bazerko is continuing his education at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, department of sculpture.

From the beginning of Bazerko`s education and art production he shows a strong emotional atmosphere which is reflected in his treatment of the sculpture form.

Visual reality has bigger meaning for him, because he lives in the world of silence. All effects which he likes to express are spoken through the universal language of art which is easy readable for us.

Following his working experience since the earlier phase a magnificent improvement of his new forms in the visual expression is noticed. His works are rich in hided elements which produce unique world and an artist of distinction.

 Mixture of lights, shadows, flashes and hidden energy create an installation of sound amplitudes. 

His creativity gets energy from his physical and metaphysical world which is stronger and clearer than our, his art forms are released from traditional and usual schemes which are provocative for the audience.


October 06th - 14th, 2004

Marko Georgievski

spatial installation, 2004   


The exhibition is a spatial installation, comprised of a children’s room in the form of a dark chamber separated from the outer world.
“Georgievski points to the fundamental elements of his creative process – building of different spaces with emphasized respect of the physical presentation of the material”, the exhibition announcement reads.
Although this is Georgievski’s first exhibition, he presents an expressive author’s freedom and independence in the selection of forms and visual media.

October 20th - 30th, 2004

Kristina Hadzieva

paintings, 2004



An exhibition of paintings, Into My Point at 8’Oclock PM, by Kristina Hadzieva was opened at the Kursumli An Gallery at 20.10.2004
     The first solo show by the author is a composition of painting not limited in frames and set in a series that make a compact entirety in space. The images compel us to move our eyes on their surface and follow the changes of colours discovering the line of the creative expression of the artist.    


November 03rd - 15th, 2004

Dalibor Trencevski

installation and performance, 2004


The first independent exhibition of young artist Dalibor Trencevski was opened in gallery “Kursumli An” on Wednesday 3.11.2004

The presentation entitled “Material and Product” is an installation along with a performance, which objective is to emphasize the overuse of digital technologies, which has become an indispensable part of our life.
The work is comprised of 1,890 squares, which make an entirety, and each square is a pixel – the basic unit, which comprises the digitalized image. All elements together give a pixelized image of a child’s profile, who seats in front of a computer with earphones. It is an interactive work, which interaction culminates with the performance within the exhibition opening.


November 17th - 26th, 2004

Angelina Popovska

drawings, 2004


Popovska offer a cycle profiled in one special stylization, realized in the manner of expressionism, weaved with an abstract-associative artistic expression. She follows the impulses of the children’s drawing, and deepens their diction with her personal artistic language, but at the same time observing the children’s energetic charge. The exhibition begins with the drawings of Angelina’s little son, which present the infantile artistic imagination, accompanied by movements, figures and forms. The first independent exhibition of Popovska is organized by the Center for Contemporary Arts and the Museum of Macedonia.


December 01st, 2004 – February 25th, 2005


Vedran Bojanovski


installaion, 2004/2005


Vedran’s work starts ina quest for an arch beginning, the center and the answer of the question: were all our path lead. Though his previous work is connected to mental construction, as he is a sculptor by call, this time the feminine body is presented via photography. The ideal beauty of a feminine body was always subjected to discussions, both as an object of aesthetical experience and as an eternal inspiration and model for the artists.


March 16th – 30th, 2005


Adem Sulejmanovski


arhive of photographs


The exhibition of old photgraphs from Reka and Mijak regions is a collector’s event with extraordinary value in preservation of photo-archive materials from the region of Reka and Mijachija.

This project, which has been ongoing for more than 20 years, results in an amazingly rich collection of old photographs that provide a grasp of the complete history of the region in the past 140 years.


*for the bigger archive of photoraphs, please visit


May 11th – July 10th, 2005


Nikola Uzunovski


installation, 2005


How a drop is formed?

Every liquid matter has a tendency to assume horizontal position, dicated by Earth’s gravity. If the liquid has smaller volume and if the forces of its texture tension are stronger than gravity, spherical shapes whose form depends on the surface upon which theyhave been laid are produced. That is, shapes known as drops are formed.

The artwork means playing with the materials and presenting the characteristics of the drops while deftly emphasizing that water drops and drops of blood are almost identical (latter consist of 90% water) and yet the former evokes life while the latter evokes death.


September 27th - November 16th, 2006


Oliver Musovik


serial photographs, 2006



Driving is latest series of photographs taken in 2006, inspired by means of transportation on wheels, put in chronological order, starting from a baby carriage to a hearse. Although without the human presence, they build a story about an entirely possible, average human life.


October 18th – 23th, 2006


Zaneta Vangeli




installation made of: 4TV's, amethyst, selenyt, 3 monitors, 3 endless DVD's, 3DVD players, glass , 2006


De-programming is referring to the de-fixation of all not considered, but applied values on an individual and collective level, a relocation of the focus of interest from all representations of mannerism, mimesis, media-hypnosis and its self-sufficiency, which results furthermore in the absence of its questioning.


October 25th – November 20th, 2006


Aleksandar Stankoski


paintings, oils on canvass, 2006



The works are a results of a somewhat maniacal collection of visual pieces and fragments which, through artistic processing, gain aesthetic function.
The Show is called “Hideousness” partly because the bodies have a post-Dadaist looks and the title relates to the aesthetics of the banal. The works address the public in a provocative manner and are certain observations of our social and political discourse.