One stone with weight between 15-20gr. thrown from sling of eleven years old child is running with average speed of 46-48 meters per second, and in the distance up to 60 –70m can defragmentize or dissolve, or in a slang – broke a window without any problem. In those moments the target (house, apartment or window) can merge with the environment because the barrier between the worlds is disrupt, and the inner  world of the room is getting smaller and slowly disappearing, and the outside  world irretrievable fills the rum not  knowing that soon he will be trap. This metaphoric story about the child and the broken window  in fact is similar with the project of Andrej Mitevski called Window Macedonija, and there for the story of the author don’t reply to the mixing of the worlds (inter  and extern space) still talk a lot about similarity of problems related to the isolation of some categories. Work of Mitevski is talking about one point of view and in a way of seeing as well as adapting things. Looking to the Windows of Micro Soft the author comes to the idea to modify Windows according bakanian manirs things which are already invented.

Nine polyester plates all together putted in one frame tells a story about isolation and modification. Looking to the plates we find nine different stories unconnected between them self saying many thing about life. Starting with the story about  non persistence of the human body and eternity of human spirit and knowledge on one of plates, to the  story about  domination of western ( euro-American) way of living of the rest of the world, true  the lids of coca-cola collected from all over the world.

Looking as whole picture work of Andrej Mitevski describes the nature of people from the Balkans who must adapt according by  their own opinion everything what they use, without caring will that think will functioning or not, without fear that  those modifications will hit us over the head.