Joint exhibition of the works created at this workshop in the form of plotter prints

The participants in the project are students and professors from:
- the Islamic school (medresa) ISA BEJ from Konodovo
and the
- Christian Orthodox school St. Clemet of Ohrid in Skopje
"Contemporary Arts Centre" and its intention is to establish a communication between the  two religious schools and communities, the Islamic school (medresa) ISA BEJ in Kondovo  and the Orthodox school
St. Clement of Ohrid in Skopje.
The purpose of this project is to give a chance to the young students to express themselves,
their own feelings, fears, hopes and visions through art.
The Artistic medium we chose for making the project and the workshop are the computers as one
allegedly neutral form and one that will allow the students additional and useful knowledge.
The students accompanied by one teacher took part in the workshop  taking place in the Centre for
electronic publication "Metamorphosis" on 1, 2, 8, 9 and 15 June, 2002.
The project includes artistic use of the software as Adobe PhotoShop, Painter, Microsoft FrontPage vs.Macromedia Dreamwaver,  Macromedia Flash, Introducing Internet and Data Bases.
The financial support for this project is provided by:
- PRO Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland
- Foundation Institution Open Society Macedonia
- Project Guggenheim
Arno Roland