These graphic creations represent an expression of objective art, leading the wiever into vivid experience of the truth. Everything which is manifested and every creation in this universe is a MODULE multidimensional creation with specific vibration. Every module has its own conscience and presents unbroken part of universal oneness. The perception of these modules initiates transcedence of the formative  mind, surpassing the individuality and entering into  expandend space of consciouness. They are bridge between the different realites, multidimensional gates which open the mind for archetypes and infinity. Geomertrical forms expressed in the modules, are presenting an orchestra of visual simphony, which shows the harmonic unification of diversity. It is appointing to inner feeling of every being that apperance of the chaos  has its own oreder. The unbroken symmetry presented in mathematical way shows the desire for absolute perfection into the manifested world.