ODEKAM - specific ether which exists only in DONIJA
DONIJA - wally, region, land, territory
AKEDON - materialized ODEKAM, exists everywhere in DONIJA ( stone, plastic, wood, metal, glas
s... )
HISTOMETAR - appliance for caching and measuring the quantity of catched ODEKAM in certain period of time
Idea for the concept became a live when two members of OPA were siting on two AKEDONS in the DONIJA of Treskavec, near Prilep.
Dicusion was about importance of the daily happenings and their tendention to enter in the history of DONIJA. After longer discussion one question came out. It was the question how to catch and keep DONIJAN ODEKAM.
According that and their wish to catch DONIJAN ODEKAM they made special appliance called HISTOMETAR which should catch and measure the quantity of catched ODEKAM in certain period of time.The name of so called HISTOMETAR appliance originates from two international words:
HISTO - History METAR - Meter
The measure is one second. Hence, in first, second, third, etc, second of the HISTOMETAR it is possible to catch parts of one special kind of ODEKAM, infact that would be Historic Moment of DONIJA