Ibrahim Bedi's project called My Diary presents a kind of intimate author's diary dedicated to the antique items that exist in our every-day's life. The author's idea is to revive and actualize the objects that fell into oblivion because they're worn-out with their use. Using this objects as a basis for his artwork, the author - not only rescues them from disappearing, but - giving them the place of honor in his art, he also ensures their immortality, in a way, and their path to eternity. Although - at the first look - it's strange how a chair's leg, a piece of wood, stone or some tree-branch can be a sacred (art) relict, all of this accidentally found items, now art-pieces in form of a ready-made artifacts, in their past - possessed certain positive energy that, actually, got the author to an idea to select exactly them among the many others. The story about the energy and its eternal circulation fulfills a significant space in the Bedi's artworks. All objects and, namely, all the things that are around us, possess a certain kind of energy. Rough material elements (the elements of the periodical system from which all that exist in the world is consisted) exist in the material plot of all things, but those elements aren't enough to give life to those things - energy is what gives life. Even the simplest elements broken to the smallest pieces, aren't anything else but a bunch of electrons made of energy.

According the ancient Veda annals, the raw material elements (earth, air, fire and water) merge with the subtle material elements (mind, intelligence, ego, etc.), but this junction isn't enough to create the material entities of this world. Only when the energy will contact with those material entities, they begin to have life of their own. The energy overwhelms inside all material entities, but it remains outside them also - making their aura. Every material entity - actually - isn't anything else but juncture of the material elements ad the energy, but with different ratio from case to case.
Everyone of the items now displayed in the Gallery, in some period of time (eventually) was surrounded by certain attention according to its purpose and use: the chair/table legs, the old window and desk-shells etc., once before 50, 70 or more years, were items with certain importance to our ancestors. After their life-use, they fell into oblivion and they wait for their disappearance from the face of the earth since. But, years after the cease of their actual use, the author discovers this, once important items - and grants them a new life. The joyful shades and forms of those art-deeds are created that way by Bedi - exactly because of their original energy within them. The children-like drawings at the items of the project My Diary - aren't accidental.
According the author, every one of the old items he uses as a base-point, consist certain strange potentials and powers within, potentials and powers that manage to liberate him from all inhibitions and limits of every day's life. Using that potential, Bedi succeeds to grant to his deeds the purity of the child's mind. The significant presence of the mirrors in Bedi's work, actually, presents a transfer of the past into the present, the leap from one to another world, a leap from the cruel world of reality into the wondrous world of the illusion and imagination. The mirror itself presents a kind of an enchanted talisman that provides us with ability to have a look at the other side of this world and to have a trip through Time, or visit the Wonderland.