The project Between my thoughts, my people is actually an intermediate! installation in which the author Irena Paskali includes sculptures, modeled and ready-made objects, as well as video art, with the main objective of re-exploring the borders between the emotional and the rational, but also the differences between the individual and the social. The video art is the crucial element of this installation offering the key to interpretation of the concept that correlates all her objects and media. The clay brain-shaped objects moving on transport-band as industrial products, being washed and stamped, indicate the critical tissue that pervades the entire project: the aspect referring mainly to the relation of a group to an individual. According to the author, this complex relation is most often negative, particularly when it comes to the relation of most people to the art as self-conscious entity. The objects brains are arranged in the gallery in a way that they are connected with measuring cups filled with water, which is transcended into the forms by the system of connected vessels. Textual fragments - citations from the author's diary written on the measuring cups themselves - implicate the continual interaction between emotions and thoughts as a kind of equilibrium of mind and senses, which is encountered by an artist in the every day's life. The relation established essentially by the author with the others is actually a relation re-exploring, sepsis and misunderstandings, from which the author is defending herself precisely with her own emotions and thoughts transfigured into art works. People (figures created of gypsum, paper and clothes) are placed opposite to the modeled forms - brains and ready-made objects measuring cups. Exactly between them is installed the video in which the artist is expressing apparently and explicitly her discontent and readiness to fight for the freedom of her thoughts and the individuality freed from the influence of the others, even on the cost of sacrificing the rational and the socially acceptable, a sacrifice symbolized by the scene of eating the brain at the end of the video.