A spiral travel that has commenced in 2001 as a survey under a working title Territory with basic aim to make correlation between some personal, social and visually-theoretical opinion about idea of activity  in the space. The aspect of personal adventure (imagined as spiral journey from the centre of Macedonia to political and cultural centre in Skopje) in strictly defined time frame (seven days in any part of year) was impossible because of bad political situation in Macedonia and inapproachability of some territories in the west parts of Macedonia which are stations on our spiral journey.
The Disability to make this journey initiate  the demand for creating series of crafts which have (but that is not imperative) a lot in common with real journey which was planed for the future. Most of this crafts are already done and with that the first phase of the project is completed.
The second phase of the project was real spiral journey through towns and villages of Macedonia. On this part of the project we should do documentation (photo and video)
The third Phase of the project is show in CIX Gallery. The work is an installation presented as site-specific spiral earth-work on gallery ( having as a reference work of  Simpson  and work 'Earth Rom' of Walter de Maria which is permanently maintained by Dia center from New York).