Man is not comprised of separate parts, but an integral unity of the body, the soul and the spirit. The body is the materialized human nature; the Soul is the vital force that animates the body. It is not just a heap of matter, but a moving, growing, emotional and sensory being. Animals have souls too, even plants. However, the human soul is given consciousness, mind and reason and is capable of abstract perception. This, on the other hand, paradoxically though, does not stop people abusing their bodies or even taking their own life. There is not any animal that can consciously damage itself. Finally, the third part of the integral unity is the spirit that animals do not possess. Having a conscious soul and a spiritual mind, people also possess the power of choice, with a sense for what is good and evil, as well as the capability to choose one or the other. Where animals use their instinct, people freely and consciously make decisions. The contemporary Western culture and its educational system, increasingly applied as models in our country, are based, almost without exception, on practicing the rational and, in some cases, the aesthetic emo­tions. Most of us have forgotten that we are not just brain and will, senses and emotions, but also spirit

These photographs are trying to say that contemporary man has lost touch with the truest and the high­est entity of his kind. The result of this inner alienation can be seen in the human's uneasiness, lack of iden­tity and loss of hope.Creating the world, God created two levels of existence: the spiritual or the mental level, and the mate­rial or the bodily level. In the former, God created the angels, who do not possess a physical body, and in the latter level the universe was created, with the stars, planets, and the animal world. People, and only people, can exist on both the levels. With their spirit and spiritual mind, they live and make company with the angels. On the other hand, through their body and soul, people move, feel and think, eat and drink, change food into energy, take part organically in the material world, which passes through them via their senses.
Therefore, our human nature is more complex than the angelic - there are more opportunities. Consequently, people are not "lower", but "higher" beings than angels. Created in God's image, people are the core of God's creation. Taking part, both, in the spiritual and the material world, they represent an image and reflection of the overall creation: imago mundi, a small universe, a microcosm. People are the keystone of all things created. Therefore, every attempt to hurt (abuse of)1 the human body is(or, represents) an attempt to hurt (abuse of) its creator - God.