At the time human race has finally reached the level of self-conciseness, technical and scientific development we became ready to put on the table some questions that interfere with human existence. Those questions until recently were only religion or scientific issues, but nowadays it become more and more obvious that existence of human as most perfect form of carrier of "ATCG" scheme is no longer safe. Almost all carriers have same genes in their cells, so it makes no importance, which one is going to be chosen. The thing that matters is the order of the genetic letters = chemical bases that make the genetic language;Simple scheme. Scheme»progam»or popular known as software.TO KNOW OUR SELVES
Our class started to discover some parts of that scheme, some small sequence, which lead us to another mountain (space) of questions. Maybe the scheme has some internal program to let us know once in several millions ages to construct simple question, some disoriented error that creates billions of different varieties of phenotypes.