Miroslav Stojanovic Suki
Destroyed houses, villages in fire, people on dying, destroyed monasteries, kids who are playing in ruins. All this horror, which we look on TV until yesterday in some far countries which name is difficult even to spell for us, now is part of our every day live. Control checkpoints, people with machineguns, which are everywhere around become part of our live. Following culmination of crises in Macedonia, authors of the project are asking very open: Do we want to get use on this live or we yust have to live in a world where price of human live is very cheap and our destiny is in hands of people who can understand only the language of terror weapon and chaos.
As authors of this exhibition, Ismet Rami}evi}, Vana Uro{evi} and Miroslav Stojanovi} are trying to depict the current situation, but also at the same time they want to warn and limit the last line after which there is no return - the line behind which death, chaos and horror are wait.

Ivana Urosevic
              Ismet Ramicevic