The project contains two parts:
A performance recorded on the river Vardar and Ohrid Lake.
An exhibition in the CIX gallery, consisted of an installation and a video projection from the performance.
The performance is consisted from lots of written messages in several languages (English, Greek, Albanian, Macedonian, Spanish...) put into transparent bottles, that are marked with small flags. They were put in the river and the lake to float, where they begin their own travel, waiting to be found and read. The installation is made from about twenty bottles thrown around on the 7 cm layer of sound on the part of the gallery floor. The messages are put in the bottles to tell that they will not wander around eternally and they will come to the goal.
Idea for this project have very deep root because desire of people to transfer messages is one of the oldest whishes of people and definitely biggest stimulance for a finding an alphabet, telecommunications etc. and they improve all of that in millenniums only to satisfy their own utility for communication and transfer of the messages which are taken along.
The idea of the project I seek You On Water comes from the very frequent use of the software ICQ that millions of people are using daily for transferring of messages.

Messages in the bottle are no longer in use but according to the researching of the boat "Quest" there are about 50.000 messages in the seas and oceans, floating in the bottles, of which the first ones come from the time of first nautical researches.

Here is content of some messages:
-If you find this bottle with this message write this message ten times and put in ten bottles and send them thru the river and you will have good luck in next twenty years.
-Hello you founder of this bottle this message is dedicated to you. This bottle is part of an exhibition made in Skopje Macedoina in Year 2001, so have a good luck
-I f any fisherman found this bottle he should know that this message is written by fisherman too.
-We would like to have cleaner rivers
-Stop the pollution
-If you find this bottle please returned to following address: CIX Gallery, Orce Nikolov 109. 1000 Skopje, MACEDONIA